What is human nature?

I started my project with the main focus on ethics in public. Somehow I enjoy observing strangers in various public places and analyzing their behaviour. But nothing fascinates me as inappropriate actions, leading to absurd situations. Funny, but that is my inspiration.


Today, I was questioning myself if I understand my stories and raised questions about human nature. What is human nature?



Reading Simon Blackburn’s ‘Ethics. A very short introductions’ helped me to understand the social role of morality. How morals and ethics can exist without one another, and that

We are pretty selfish animals.

and that

…everything comes down to sex, or status, or power, or death



And I immediately remembered Dante’s Inferno. 

I looked at my project and proposed idea, and work I have done, but somehow I felt a bit unclear. All I needed to do is to put all things together and look from another perspective.


I have 4 stories. 4 encounters. And they are all somehow related.

These are incidents that occurred at different times and places, but I managed to tie them together. Desire, Urgency, Preferences, Authority, Individuality, Truth, Freedom, Personal space. Or all in all – absurd. 

Decided to join all stories together and create a map (almost like Inferno), using more symbolism and perhaps text. [Just a little bit of text]

In the beginning, I was mainly focusing on reactions, but it feels that I have to be clear about the situations itself. I want to respond to a human’s nature question using comic-like drawing form.