With my fancy pastel pencils I started to sketch and do some brainstorming for my backgrounds.

Yes, it is still a headache to me, but, oh well, I can’t just do it anyhow – I have to find the right way.

I am less and less in need to use watercolour… Maybe just one brushstroke somewhere wouldn’t hurt, but I have to be careful.

Therefore, I came to the conclusion to make backgrounds distorted and for possible interaction; to make it available for audience to zoom in/out or scroll through all scenery.

I made few sketches, really quick, rough ones.


And I realized that I really love the simplicity and easiness of this drawing style. I don’t really miss anything there. And all characters should overlay nicely.




I have also decide to play around and make some layers with not just pastel pencils, but try it with ink. It works on its own well, but I am afraid it’s going to be way too active once everything will be put together.




I will be exploring more and I have to scan some drawings I made earlier, and see whether it’s working or not.


I believe I am coming to the point there I realize that the less is more. For real. I always knew that, but I haven’t really believed in that. I always was pushing and tried to make more and more of this and this and so on. Often it ended like some bad mix match thing. At the moment, I feel confident of my sketchy, raw drawings. I don’t need to mix all techniques and use all my skills I have. I should follow my aesthetics and concentrate on quality.

I know it might sound funny, but I am trying to perfect my sketching. I am learning not to over do it and seek for raw lines and make sure I can deliver the right message.

I am very proud that finally I’m getting better at my time management and planning animation.