Background tests


A while ago I did some sketchy backgrounds and was drawings without a reference – like all my characters. I wanted to keep it the same way. Unpolished, rough and more like it is a surreal dream, where nothing shows that this is a real place, people or whether this happened.








I used ink, watercolour and pastel pencils. Some drawings are meant to be multiplied with others.



backg 1




I like the roughness, but I was afraid that the background is overpowering and nothing will be clear.

A simple solution was to reduce the opacity and multiply all layers. As well, I have made a test using a pencil drawn background to see the difference.








I must say that I like the first one with ink better. It is bolder and I enjoy seeing those layers multiplied.

On the other hand, the second one is more understandable.


I still have some drawings to experiment with, so I should try every idea to find the best way.