Imago Mundi: Highlights

It has been some time, but finally I can tell everyone that I was selected and commissioned for Imago Mundi: Highlights project.

Few months ago I was contacted by Claudio Scorretti and Irina Ungureanu that they selected me to be a part of this great journey.

At that moment, I didn’t really understand what was happening and I couldn’t really remember if I ever applied to an open call or just got lucky. Either way, I am pretty happy about it. Turns out, Imago Mundi is the collection of works commissioned from both emerging and established artists, which are given a very small 10×12 cm canvas to work with. It was initiated by Luciano Benetton and it was running on voluntary and non-profit basis, to celebrate all amazing artists from any country, region or continent.

So far, they have collected over 10 000 artworks and had many exhibitions touring all over the world.


Featuring my work, Imago Mundi:Highlihts catalogue will be released sometime in Fall, following and exhibition with Imago Mundi Museum launch sometime November/December.


I am so Highlights and this is what I’ve done:






More about Imago Mundi here