Tutorial #3


Tutorial with Jonathan



Today I had a tutorial with Jonathan about my project and its processes, experimentation and possible ways to execute it.

I received so much feedback, which was really valuable and helped me to see what I haven’t seen before.

As usual, I forgot to take notes and only later wrote something down, so I’ll try to as much as I remember. It is going to mostly my words or how I processed it 😀

I received a lot of compliments about my experimental piece Therefore you are an idiot and was told it has a lot of potential and there is something very interesting happening. I was very happy to hear so many comments about it; Jonathan saw shown desirability, temptation and tease. Ice cream, phallic shapes, faceless figures and bright colours.

Especially he appreciated the gif I made.


I was also asked what I thought about William Kentridge exhibition and I answered that I liked the theatricality, installation pieces and how an audience becomes a part of the work itself. It is repetitive and represented like a show. Of course, there is so much more about William Kentridge work; his animation are very high quality and with a lot of symbolism.

I think, I would need to analyse his work further, because there are so many elements he is using in a such a unique way.


As well, we talked about how I feel about my work. I said I was confident and very happy with my current processes. Following a discussion about backgrounds I recently tested, which I am still having troubles. Jonathan referred my animation on painting and whether I consider my story animated like it was on a stage. We talked that it could have a better message and would be read differently rather than seeing something realistic and literal. He also asked me if I was considering experimenting backgrounds disappearing and I said that I still would like to try that glitch effect.

We were discussing how to shape effects and explore the stage through symbolism as it would show more meaning and layers.


We talked a lot, but  most important, that with Jonathan help I am about to solve my background situation. It was very helpful to receive feedback on my Therefore you are an idiot animation and to know that this experiment works. I loved the suggestion of staging my animations and at this moment, I have many ideas and images spinning in my head.

I was very interested in symbolism, but I also wanted to keep it realistic… I guess, I got settled with the original idea and I couldn’t explore much further. Maybe that’s why I never was satisfied with my backgrounds or some work, because it wasn’t speaking.

I need to go to my good, relaxed place and just have fun with it.


Preliminary TO DO list:

  • Think and sketch possible backgrounds as stages
  • Try painting for background
  • Try Glitch
  • Explore theatre inspired pieces
  • Research artists working with animation
  • Animate streetwalker
  • Animate surrounding and keep them on the loop
  • Finish animation by interim show
  • Start working on interaction


In the end, I was also asked about my research paper and what I am thinking about. He suggested to look through my blog (I have already 50 posts!!!) and write keywords. Be strategic and pick a subject which would be useful for my project.

Jonathan also suggested Animated symbolism in William Kentridge work