Research paper tutorials 1 & 2

Busy summer or so, and I forgot to write a post of my first research paper tutorial with Gareth.

#1 tutorial, 28th of June, 2017


I needed to submit a clear idea of my research paper and was advised to have an abstract. I haven’t had a full abstract, made some notes and we just went through the idea of making a world.

We talked about reflexivity – process of attention. How self-reflecting show its own making and that the audience are brought in a relation of a movie.

A world which is made in animation is an imaginary world and breaks down the relationships, manipulates situations. The animation world is a spectator’s world.


Gareth suggested to look at Sage Animation studies and look into theories of Suzanne Buchan and Pauls Wells.

Also look into Quay Brothers, Hans Richter, Oscar Fishinger and look into how they are using symbolism in their work.

Ask questions what do I mean by symbolism?

  • by world making
  • by artist
  • by animation ?


#2 tutorial, 3rd of October, 2017


This research paper has been quite stressful and by my bad time management I haven’t hit the needed word count and submitted whatever I managed. I had no idea it would take such a long time, and must admit – all the time I felt stressed and anxious…

As much as I liked researching and analysing works, I wasn’t very fond of writing about it. But I have been dealing with this writing situations for a while, and I know that I need this for my own good.

During the tutorial we talked about my interest area and that I need to use particular writers and theories in my paper (because I haven’t mentioned anyone yet). Gareth suggested to frame more around Nathalie Djurberg’s work, which would be main analysis and bring her other connections. We talked a lot about the focus in a critical way and what do I need to define. He mentioned that my title is quite interesting

Methods of making ‘a world’ using animation: The importance of processes and the meaning of using objects

and that I need to talk more about importance.

As well, I should explain what experimental animation means (I did not really explained it), as well as how animation is developed by studios. Talk about established experimental animation and to what degree is experimental?

In the end I asked about the conclusion and I was advised to be persuasive; explain my own point of views.



I am running out of time. Have to finish writing in two weeks and leave the last week for editing and so on.

Can’t really explain why I am stressing out so much; I understand my subject and I love researching about it.

I know I can do it and I will  do it.