Material for Group Crit

I can’t believe it has been a year since I started working on this project. Many ups and downs, many questions arisen, doubts and worries, and many steps back.

When I look back at what I have done, it seems that I had to go back and pick from where I started…

I was aiming to create a game, a very simple one – click and point adventure game or at least aim for interactive animation. Within process I started worrying about my stories, game options; I was fearing that nothing makes sense and I wasn’t sure what I am making. Then, I decided go for making simple animations and see what happens.

If some of you remember I had few different stories of questionable behaviour; the streetwalker, public urination and love making (technically making out).


The Streetwalker

Mostly I was working on ‘The Streetwalker’, as it was the main subject, the most questionable character and most researched. I started making simple pencil drawn animations, but when I was very unhappy about not being able to use backgrounds. I wanted more detail, colours, but at the same time keep simplicity.




Later I decided animate using pastel pencils and to me it was such a discovery, because I believed that I have this sketchiness and rawness, which worked so well in animation.


Again, it felt it wasn’t enough and I had to do something with a background.



Later, I was working on side project where I just had an idea and decided to go for it. I was painting and I felt that would like to animate some abstract figures on a top.


sneak peek 2

I thought that it was quite interesting and after one tutorial with Jonathan I decided to go for more surreal scenery or create my own theatre.

This is when I started drawing various objects. More or less it was ‘random’ objects, but that was a point – create a dream-like place, that nobody would know whether it exists or not.


To create a surreal world wasn’t that easy, but I spent my time painting, drawing and animating. One of other experiments was to animate watercolour drawings and to my surprise (despite being clumsy animation) – it turned out well and I am still happy about this. Really intend using the same technique later in the future.



After many sketches, drawings, paintings I came up something for interim show:

I changed it later and adapted for the small projection installation, created by London based students (many thanks to them!)

Inga Lineviciute, what are you up to, 2017.JPG


This animation was quite different from what I have done in the past. At that moment, I wanted to create a ‘visual poetry’, but I am very happy that this is not my final degree show piece 😀

A lot needs to be edited or changed, or taken out.




I am still thinking about the drawing and how to create a surreal place, but I after I tried all those things, I want to go back to ‘the simplicity’ and work on simplified animations.

I have hopes to make a game. For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to figure it out and find my way to make a game. Since I don’t make digital animations and everything is hand-drawn and scanned, I have to find my way how to use the material I have (and how to use tools).

After doing research I understood that the story does not have to make sense, it can have flaws and the more questions it raises  – the better. I avoided to be personal, but I think nobody would be hurt if I will make own world/s.


Also, I am still exploring drawing and I might be able to use in animation?!



Hopefully, in a couple of weeks I can come to a conclusion how I should execute animations. There are few things I already decided; I would like to carry on making animated drawings or simplified animations, using no background –  just plain white background.


Funny, when I made this girl urinating, I thought something was odd and it was too messy and I needed more detailed and fluid animation. Now, I enjoy this little test.

Of course, animating takes so much time and it can be very tough, and I might be too lazy making ‘real’ animation 😀