Side project and experimentation

Around September I agreed to work on one project to make some animations and even though I had a very busy time with research paper and other experimentation, I managed to pull it off few weeks ago.

Initially I wanted to finish before New Year, so I can keep working on my project and focus on Degree show, but I got very attached to animation, which was followed by many experiments and remaking, checking and editing frame rate, following the music. Yes, this is the first time working with music! It was very interesting, I tried to plan out from early beginning, but while I was writing my research paper all that plan dissolved into the air; none of it really mattered, all I wanted is to go with a flow and let the animation to appear itself. I wanted the story to be built within the process.

At the moment, I can’t show the full piece as it hasn’t been approved yet or maybe it is not going to happen as I stayed quiet working and submitted almost a month later (ooops), although there was no deadline and I was told to work on my own pace.

Here are some loops of some animations:




Overall, I had so much pleasure working on this. I never really made such an abstract work; all I did was follow the flow, shapes and just to trust my ‘gut’ what is working and what needs to be changed.

I believe the best thing I did was the abstract pieces, because they were simple and sketchy, had a nice flow, although you can see that it is missing frames, but there was unexplained easiness to it. I wanted it to be raw and unfinished, because it makes it look more realistic. Also, such a great trick to keep it on a loop.



I tried to animate few scenes of one guy, but maybe I am still learning and lacking skills to achieve certain moments… It did not look effective at all and I noticed that my drawings tend to shrink in the end no matter what. I tried many reminders and used guidelines to keep it same size, but it still keeps shrinking 🙂

Those more ‘detailed’ scenes were not as interesting, but took so much more times than anything else. I feel that they are needed anyway, but maybe next time should try to make key drawings and when draw in between, so  I could keep the same scale.



The greatest challenge for me was editing and making sure animation reflects the music. Once it is available I will upload here, but it took me some time (few weeks) to find the right frame rate and make sure I have enough material. The song was quite long (over 4 min), so there is a lot repetition, but my goal was to keep it to a minimum or for as long as needed.


I learned a lot from this project. Learned to keep simple moments on a loop, learnt to use many different loops in one work, learnt to follow the flow. The abstract pieces were so random. I was not sure what I was doing, I was just drawing a frame after a frame, looking at shapes and seeing them grow… I will definitely be making more short animations for my degree show work