Arken visit

Couple of weeks ago, I decided to visit another Art Museum in Copenhagen, which is also located quite far away from where I live, but Eng has recommended me to see Michael Kvium ‘Circus Europa’ exhibition, although the deal breaker for me was an exhibition ‘My Music’, which had Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg‘s animation ‘Worship’.

Again, I picked the busiest day to visit the place. Sunday. It was so crowded with families and some exhibition even had guided tours, which made everything much harder to see and experience. I couldn’t enter ‘Circus Europa’ in the beginning, so ran straight into ‘My Music’ and unfortunately it was as exciting as I thought. Because of exhibition consisting of so many music videos (Martin Creed, Lady Gaga, Die Antwoord, Kate Perry and more), the museum was offering a headset, which needed to be paired with our phone to listen all the tracks. The network was down, and I couldn’t connect my device, leaving me watching all those music videos in silence. Some videos had a better dedicated place than the others, while Nathalie Djurberg’s animation was great as usual, it was presented quite badly; projection was too big and too light ,and I wasn’t able to listen to the soundtrack either. Also, I believed it was missing a sign of mature content, because all the kids sat and watched the animation. Mainly it was the kids and me :)))

Animation ‘Worship’ had a lot of repetition and movement, it was very ‘posh’ too. It seemed like it was a caricature to all R&B music videos shown on MTV, where women are objectified and men are showing their power wearing a tracksuit and a lot of jewelry. It was a parody, with some quite nasty elements, when the girls are rubbing themselves around giant bananas, peeling crystal encrusted bananas and so on… As I mentioned before, it had some mature content and watching it without sound can leave with a very misleading feeling. I had to explain my boyfriend that this is caricature, a parody, not just something weird.

Note to myself: a good installation for animation work is a must!

After that I went to see ‘Circus Europa’ by Michael Kvium and felt quite confused.  I don’t really like to use term ‘weird’, but it was just so that. It was very disturbing and sometimes a bit disgusting… While painting were very repetitive and had the same subject over and over, seeing sculptures being the size and look of human, but coming out of that painting, was very disturbing. It was good, but too disturbing and confusing.

Maybe it had something to do with a crowd of people there, but I left with having no opinion about, only feeling how it was weird.

After that I was lucky to enter Ugo Rondinone ‘Vocabulary of Solitude’, which was an installation of 45 lifelike clowns. I thought that it was very playful and interactive; letting people to pose together with them and just have fun with it.

It had the sense of circus (again), but it was so delightful! It made me think, that I need more playfulness in my work too. Some interaction wouldn’t hurt either.

Many ideas, but have to test first!