Louisiana visit

My sister visited me after Christmas here in Copenhagen, so I have a planned a trip to go and see Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. As a member there, I have free access for me and one guest, so I can go anytime I want, but it is still one hour away drive, so usually I wait for at least two new exhibition to be alongside. I was pretty excited that the time was right and there were 5 exhibitions that I haven’t seen before. We packed our snacks and prepared to spend couple of hours outside the city, in a very nice town called Humlebæk, on a coast of Baltic see (with a view of Sweden haha).

Obviously, it was madness, because it was just after Christmas and all families were there. Knowing that it is quite a huge museum, there wasn’t enough space to move and experience some pieces, but we managed to see two exhibitions and quite thoroughly!

My sister is very interested in photography (she is pretty good!), so we immediately turned to see an exhibition of dutch artist RinekeDijkstra. Large scale photographs, depict moments of vulnerability and show a sense of humanity. As photography seems to distant to me and what I do, I enjoyed this exhibition, because it is pure and simple. Some of the subjects were tracked and photographed for many years, but the works itself remain timeless. I like the idea of timeless; it gives space for making your own story and interpret the way you can. One of my favourite pieces were the video installation of people dancing (can’t remember the title right now). It was very entertaining to see people who seem to be out of comfort zone, but later they would become more relaxed and more playful.

All in all, this exhibition made me think about the subject matter and humanity, how to protect the subject and leave space for interpretation.

Another exhibition we saw was ‘Being There’, which was a group exhibition of young international artists, showing their responses to the way we do and live in an increasingly digitalized era.

There were many interesting pieces, but I enjoyed a lot a video installation piece by Ed Atkins ‘Ribbons’.

Consisting of three videos, they all seemed the same, but were not. The subject was the same, but their options, their actions were different. Reminded me of a movie ‘Mr. Nobody’ by Jaco Van Dormael.

There was a lot to see and analyze, but I have to go there back to see other and new exhibitions 🙂 Maybe I should go more often there, because more than two exhibition at Louisiana is more than I could chew at once.