Rough detailed

I completely forgot about these sketches I started doing them after Unit 1 assessment feedback. I had nothing particular in my mind, but I wanted to keep working on my stories, although make this time more detailed and accurate. But sketchy, raw and rough… Is that even possible??? Not sure yet, but I was just drawing various poses in various clothes.

The more I drew I realized that it is getting more illustrative and it wasn’t what I was seeking for. I am making animation, animating the drawing and all the detail would be lost… I figured if I keep it more detailed, when it would be more about the situation, but if I keep the drawing as loose and rough, when it would be more about the drawing.

Often I feel very confused, but eventually I learn from my mistakes and come up with something.

While I was doing these, I felt very relaxed. I believe the best outcome was very sketchy and rough drawings of one my characters. The sketchiness would be more noticeable at animation, it would have more movement. It would be also easier to keep it accurate to its level. If I spend less time on a drawing I am three steps ahead, because I am not getting tired, have more speed and time to continue whatever I am animating. All flaws become more acceptable, because it makes it look so alive.

Although, some drawings are very detailed,  I think they are the worst. Not like the worst of the worst, but it just wouldn’t work. They are also too neat. Immediately it looks so fabricated. From all of this sketching, I learnt that I sometimes (often) spend too much time on some details, which later get lost in animation. Animation looks either very clumsy or very tortured. I have to learn and keep my hand loose when I draw.

This sketching was fun to do as I have discovered how many things won’t work. I needed this to get out of my system, so I won’t think ‘oh, I needed to sketch more before I started this’ or ‘maybe that way would have been better, but all I have is this now’. Drawing and sketching is relevant to any process, but at the moment I feel that I know my stories and characters so well.

Overall, I learnt that the simplicity is the best and by its abstraction the pieces can look more intimate. After some time experimenting and drawing with pastel pencil, I would like to do more pencil animations again. If I can keep the lines to the minimum, It should be very interesting.