Tutorial 5.2.18

Tutorial with Jonathan on 5.2.18


During tutorial first Jonathan asked me how I feel about the project and I have answered that I feel a bit behind due starting a new job and that I have been working on a another project as well. We continued talking about degree show work and what needs to be tested and done.

I mentioned to him that I want to build some prototypes of installation and test projection on it, however I failed to get a projector, which wasn’t good enough for small projection and only suitable for large projections, for which I have no room to test. He suggested to test some projectors at university during Low-residency, so I can pick the right now and now what to get next time.

We spoke about my side project animation for a song and short animations I made. I mentioned that I would like to keep my new upcoming animations in the same style – sketchy pencil drawn.

He also asked about if there is any connection between pencil drawn and watercolour animations. As often, I rambled a lot, because I never know any answers and mentioned that it should be cohesive style wise. I explained that initially I intend to keep some situations pencil drawn, while supportive material elements could be done in colour as to highlight them. In a way colour is a dream element. Although, watercolour animation is very time consuming, so he suggested maybe I should first make pencil drawn animations and later do in watercolour if needed.

Going back to side project looping animations. He was quite surprised by my hand tapping animation, which, he thought, had a surprise element, because the loop itself is different and that looked very effective. Because it wasn’t just grabbing; after few seconds when you thought it is the same it started to tap a finger and broke the loop. It gives a sense loop with a twist. Also, he thought it was nicely drawn and you could see all the bones and structure. Jonathan asked me if other animations were drawn in the same size as a hand and since it was, he asked why is that and suggested to draw on a larger piece of paper, so that other drawings would stay in better quality.  I couldn’t answer why I am doing on such small scale, but I would love to try on A4 size and see if I can add more quality to it. Maybe larger scale would give me more freedom while I am drawing?

Overall, work on flow and connection between animations and use the pattern of a hand animation.

In the end, he asked if I forgot the drawings/sketches I made before and suggested that I could use them as part of installation/exhibit. Just use pile of drawings on a table or pin it on a wall, or project on a top of it, or whatever is possible. He mentioned that it would be interesting to show what is behind animation, the drawings physicality.


To Do:

10 pencil animations – short loops


installation prototypes and sketches

test the piece somewhere  (in Lithuania or Denmark)

think how I can use whole drawing material