Bigger scale

After my last tutorial I agreed with myself try and draw on bigger scale. My lightpad is A4 size and I should use all the space I can get. I never really thought that it would give more quality, but the result, I believe is really good!




If course, it takes much more time to draw everything and get lost in all details; although I am sketching and just looking for nice lines…

I tried to animate a guy’s face, who is being cheeky:


I only put frames together without any proper editing, so it doesn’t have the best flow… I have a lot of mixed feelings about this; I enjoyed drawing so much, but once I put all together it seems a bit messy. Not too messy, but I wish to have a better frame rate, and maybe work better at facial expressions in general. It definitely has more quality once I began drawing on bigger pieces of paper, just need to be aware of how much details I want to put.

I think, I will try to work editing the frame rate and if needed I will make more drawings in between. At the moment, I see the issue of the flow.


In the next animation I tried to animate the streetwalker sitting and touching her own legs in a seductive way?? I am not really sure, because I am so clueless what is seductive, but the idea is to flirt with legs haha. I had a lot of fun making this one, it has more quality and detail, but the frame rate is messed up again. I haven’t properly edited, but I definitely need to add more drawings to slow down some of the actions and it won’t look like she is about to break her own leg!

Overall, I think I am on a right path; I wouldn’t call these experiments, because it is going to be easily fixed. I just need to be careful of the frame rate and scale. I am getting better at controlling myself and my drawings stopped shrinking phew! 

Good start, but still so much more to do left. All I have to do is keep drawing and drawing. As long as I draw – I am safe to finish everything on time.