Projection installation planning

I have to get better at writing posts and documenting my work progress and processes. It is hard to combine everything, since I started working full time, but I am happy that it hasn’t slowed me down art making wise. I won’t deny, but it is tough and I feel very tired and some days I do rest and just stay lazy on a couch watching silly shows or movies. Who doesn’t? Don’t think it is a crime to have some time for yourself, even if the degree show is just around the corner. But, my solo exhibition is in less than three weeks. Wow! I am so excited, anxious and restless… Trying to push myself to do as much as possible and I really would like to put all my MA work into this exhibition, but I know that is not going to happen the way I want to – time is the issue. Too soon, but this is such a great opportunity that I had to grab and do it.

Anyway, this post is about some installation ideas I am working now. Or thinking about. A lot of thinking, but nothing has been done yet; mainly due lack of equipment or materials to test it through. So, I am soooo going to wing this solo exhibition. Made some sketches and I imagine that this is going to work. Fingers crossed.


I started sketching some installation ideas before I found out that I am getting a space to do an exhibition, so I was imagining to do projection cubes. Use various sizes plinths and project on either one side or few.

It has started evolving as I wanted to try different fabrics and screens, so I though that back cube projections could be an interesting approach.

Once I found out I am getting a space I got really excited that I can test all of this, but when I realized that some things won’t happen… I don’t live there and I haven’t seen the space, and I can’t build stuff myself and so on… Also the space isn’t the largest one – 4,2m x 6,49m. It is great, but I have to think how to let the place to breathe too. I can’t just put 10 projectors and 15 cubes or some other installation frames… I started to think how to simplify everything. The simpler the better! I know that the gallery offers 4 projectors, so I am up to use all of them, but instead of using only cubes to project on them, I decided to think how I can use walls. I can easily hand drawings and empty walls would look nice too, but I can use the wall! So, I remembered my exhibited work at Den Frie in Copenhagen and thought that this is a good way to deal with a space, but instead of using one board to project one, I can put two different sizes on one another or next to each other and maybe rotate or something.. Projecting on boards is very smart way, because in a way the work becomes framed.

Also, I thought building standing on the floor frames for projecting too, but when I figured that it might be too flat. As much as I love paper, animations need more depth. I think.


Another idea popped to my head how to project an animation on a piece of nice paper. So it would create an illusion of moving painting/drawing. I immediately saw how I can do that with my animated watercolour plant.

My sketchy sketch how I think I should use a space for the exhibition:

Larger projection on right side of the wall could be done by hanging a projector from a ceiling. I thought to use lower left corner by putting two boards for projection and when upper left corner for cube projection or a small projection on a wall.

It is still very inconclusive; I am still deciding and I will have few days to test projections once I’ll get there. For now, I am about to order three different size cubes (because I won’t have any time to build it myself) and two boards.

I probably going to use only one cube, but I would like to have options.

Really looking forward to this!

Also, I am very nervous about it. But it will definitely will help me to be prepared for the MA Summer Show!