Don’t be afraid – I have candy…

Once I found out that I am having an exhibition, I really wanted to do a lot. To animate all my ideas I have and what I have been planning for a while. I really thought I could make it happen in one month, but as usual – you keep planning and when you get kicked in the gut. That’s what pretty much happened to me. I was positive most of the time, but I set very high expectations for myself. I really wanted to prove myself that I can do three months work in one month. Whyyyy? I have no answer. Just a silly one – to be the best :DD



And of course, I realized that making bigger drawings takes more time too! Anyway, I made a list of what I need to animate, but once I was done with one animation from the list I immediately had two or three more ideas I could animate. So, I stopped following the plan and just started doing whatever I though is best.


Somehow, thought, that I need to animate a flirty face, with some hand gestures – inviting to come over. In a shy way. I want to, but I won’t. Or who’s gonna do it first?


Again, not as many frames as I wish to, but with some editing I made it a bit more fluid. My goal wasn’t to make just one boring loop, I tried to break a loop by repeating some middle frames for few times. I think this turned out quite well, I just need to work more on frames and the following moments.


After I was done animating this face and drawing ‘Yellow water’, I had in mind to animate the streetwalker lifting her leg.


I was thinking I need to spread her legs. I understand how silly and gross it sounds, but I just needed to show that she is inviting, flirting and being a bit inappropriate. Overall, I think rushed drawing this, so that’s why it looks so broken. I should break moments and make it smaller and less visible. Although, I really like her hand movement and how the hair flows. I guess this time I was concentrating more on the upper part! Seems, once I started drawing on a bigger scale, I can’t focus on the whole drawing! Will try to work my space out and position lightpad differently, so I could see it as a whole.