More freedom and more animation

This last month has been hectic – I really had to push myself and draw as much as I can. I always used to think that once you are set for animation and have your story ready, you are pretty much done. All it’s left is just details. Not details, but the actual job. Long and repetitive job… Ugh, some days have been tough, because after long day at work, the least I wanted to is draw… And get into this loop of boring work. I have been dealing with this since I started animating, that is why deadlines are always useful – pushes me to do some work. There is no other way to get it done, so I just have to run like a crazy maniac for weeks, with sleep deprivation and anxiety.



In the beginning of this year, I decided to look into ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron and just open my mind. I wasn’t desperate or having a block, but I just wanted an improvement, wanted to feel some joy when I am making something. Sadness and anxiety never really helped me and to be honest I don’t understand how such feelings can be a source for creativity. Anyway, I kinda did half course, because I just got too busy and decided to pick up once things will get easier. Probably things will never get easier ha. Nevertheless, I spent a lot of time working with myself, my happiness and my thoughts. I started realizing my priorities and what I actually want. I can’t say that I started seeing any visions, but I actually started seeing a vision of what kind of art I want to make. What kind of animations I should do and what is best for me. And I am very sorry for you (whoever is reading right now), but now I know that my opinion matters most – the world I create is my truth. Whether is a good or bad, but it is my point of view and my way of showing it.

I have already broke some ice when I was working on a side project for one music video (which might not going to happen, since I haven’t heard anything yet), because I learnt to follow the flow; body and shape… However once I picked bigger size papers I didn’t feel relieved… Quite the opposite! Immediately it was shouting to me how much I will need to draw and how much I will need to put detail init. Gladly, once I started I just carried on and drew. Drew until I felt I couldn’t add anything else. Maybe it is signal that it is finished. Even if it isn’t. It just doesn’t need the end.


In my last post I briefly spoke about drawing on a larger scale and added some unedited animations, but I got around and edited them. I haven’t drawn more, but I analyzed each movements and details and tried to edit them to create a flow. So there is some cut&paste and a lot of repetition. As usual. I just love the repetition. This hypnotizing loop which is perfect while having all those flaws and breaks.



I called this Cheeky

Yes, there is a lot of chaos in the drawing and different pencil strokes (but I started drawing from the memory and only using lightpad to create a quick silhouette – another thing I should talk about, I guess). I see mistakes, but I don’t know what to change. Or if I want to change. I think this chaos is beautiful and makes you watch over and over. All I wanted to do is capture this cheeky smile and a tiny wink of the eye. Maybe in the future I would need to be more consistent and adopt a different way of shading. I wonder if I shade all of them at the same time – would that help?



I also, edited the animation of legs. Flirty legs.



I think it is very caricature like animation, because the movements are very exaggerated. BUT. It feel so stiff. I concentrated on legs so much, that I forgot about the upper part – it wasn’t that important. It is missing a lot of frames and I should probably add more in between frames, but I am scared it is going to look even more stiff. Because I will be following from one frame to another, and when it would turn just gradual movement instead of fluid movement.  NOTES to myself: think of water, be more fluid and follow natural lines. I think the reason is the complex posture, which just floats in a middle of the paper. Legs are crossed and she leans back, and then forward… I could probably fix it, but for now leaving like this.