Yellow Water


I hate to say I had a vision, but I did.  I had an image of yellow water spill and a puddle. Nothing in particular, just running water, splashes and drops. Looping video.

I didn’t think too much, the only thing I thought about is the story about urinating in public spaces and how this yellow liquid is running through a surface. Chasing something, appearing from nowhere and keeps spreading and intoxicating everything around. While this was my initial idea, I immediately started creating new meaning, remembering all possible symbolism. In this particular animation I wanted to create:

secret desire




sexual arousal?


I think it is funny that I picked to illustrate these, because the animation needed to be very calming and simple. Like nothing really ever happened.



I know that I spoke with Jonathan at my last tutorial for leaving watercolour behind and try it later once I have time, but I really had to do it. Simple pencil animation didn’t speak to me, because I saw it in full colour. Also, it was a quick experiment and didn’t consume too much of my time. Mission accomplished haha.

First of all, I drew everything in pencil using watercolour paper on lightpad. Just followed the flow and lines. The process was quick and calming, so I was done in no time. Once I had all my drawing done I spread all of them on my apartment floors and table to apply the colour.


This work was truly random. It was playful and easy experiment. It made meditate and I felt so excited during the process. I think I am getting more and more hooked on making these abstract animations. The easiness and simplicity brings such a great result. I should definitely make some more. And I do feel that both pencil drawn animations and watercolour works belong with each other!