On a day of my exhibition opening I was interviewed by young art critic. The interview is published in lithuanian, and some tried translating using google translate, but it wasn’t accurate. Somes languages are very hard to translate, but if anyone knows lithuanian or has a friend, I am sharing this interview here:


Inga Linevičiūtė: „Menininku negimstama, tai yra profesija, kurios reikia išmokti“


A title reads:

Artist isn’t being born, it is a profession which needs to be learnt

Or something like that. I can’t translate word to word, usually picking a phrase which is the closest to the actual meaning.

I’ve done couple interviews in the past and they always were short and simple, but this time it took over 1 hour and the girl probably knew everything about me; all the information that is possible to access online – turns out is a lot! She had so many questions ready… It was such a great experience to be ‘skinned’. Skinned, because there were questions about my projects, methodologies, inspirations.

Overall, this interview includes about my processes and methodologies, how I curate the space and my thoughts what it means to be an artist.