Tutorial 24.5.18

Tutorial with Jonathan on 24.5.18


In tutorial with Jonathan we went through my blog posts about my solo exhibition in Lithuania. Jonathan seemed to be happy how it turned out and I just explained how this gave me an opportunity to see my project come all together.

We discussed about MA Summer Show and my intentions for it. I explained that I would like to do something similar, although I might try to bring some sound along my work. I managed to buy 2 mobile projectors, which I hope to play around after submitting video for Symposium 2. Having at least 2 projectors give me some security that I will have some sort of projection installation. I also requested one more, but the more – the merrier! Since my mobile projectors are low in lumens and small resolution I require black-out or semi-black space.

Regards the installation, I said I will see what I can make and convert into once I get down to London and see what kind of materials I can get to work with. I told Jonathan that the exhibition I did in Lithuania – it all came together once I got there. I had a preliminary idea how it would go, but eventually it settled to projecting onto plinths and one board leaning against the wall. A lot of things won’t work or some things will need to change. He also suggested to try and project on different colours; grey, pastel grey. It might will bring the pencil animation more bolder and textured. He asked if I thought about projecting on paper and I did have an idea projecting on pieces of paper, but eventually I haven’t. So that needs to be tested too. Jonathan also suggested maybe having a space with lower ceilings, where we can hang pieces of paper or so to project onto. That could be interesting and I should try to sketch some ideas.

Overall, it looks like I have everything sorted. Almost. I might be lucky and end up with having 4 projections or maybe more?? Jonathan was very optimistic that we can find few more to my installation.



For now:

I need to get ready for Symposium 2

Draw more animations

Finalize my narrative

Sketch installation ideas

Test projections on various papers/colour/surfaces.

Make some sound